Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is the ideal solution for small and medium sized websites. Your website is hosted on one of our servers, sharing technical resources with our other clients. In this way you get a professional hosting service at a reasonable cost!

Please see an overview of our packages below.

Packages Basic Professional Corporate
Server space
POP 3 email (50MB)
Data traffic (GB/month)
Fee (US$/year) US$120 US$250 US$450

All our packages include:
- webmail on our Smartermail mailserver
- virus scanning and spamfiltering
- daily backup
- free email support

Additional Services

Additional Services Fee (US$/year)
Extra 5GB data traffic
Extra 1GB server space on mail- or webserver
Additional POP3 email account
Domain registration and management
Subdomain registration and management
US$  24
US$  12
US$  45
US$  10
Shared Hosting

Dedicated Hosting

A dedicated server becomes necessary when the application or website is business-critical, when the size and complexity of the website requires dedicate resources, or when the number of visitors or the load on the CPU becomes too large for shared resources.

Colocation services allow you to concentrate on the management of your server and website, which we take care of the environment. Plant offers colocation services both in Amsterdam and in Accra, with the latest in data centre security, fire prevention, redundant electricity and bandwidth, and access control. 

Recent technological developments allow us to offer you a Virtual Server to host your website or application. This has the advantages of drastically reduced investment, flexibility in configuration, and redundancy and fail-over solutions without investment in additional hardware. Even though the server is not a physical server in the traditional sense, it does have the same specifications as a physical server, such as processors, RAM, hard disk space and bandwidth. Virtualisation guarantees you the performance of a physical server without the investment in a physical server. This results in optimal use of the hardware, and therefore a drastically reduced cost.

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Dedicated Hosting